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Long live freshness

Fresh food has earned a home that will care for it in the best ways possible. That’s why we put so much innovation and engineering into its preservation.

Integrated Column Refrigerators

Innovative features give our panel-ready refrigerators some of the industry's most versatile interiors, while brilliant engineering gives them the distinction of having the largest capacities on the market. The refrigerator offers internal water dispenser and precise food preservation to prevent food waste.

Freezer Columns

With the largest capacity in their class and a dedication to precision temperatures, each of our integrated column freezers provide your favorite foods the protection they rightly deserve. Available in stainless steel and panel ready.

36" French Door Refrigerator

Beautifully built and intelligently designed, our French Door refrigerators provide the space for all your favorite foods. Precise temperatures, purposeful design and an ingenious 5-mode convertible middle drawer make our built-in French Door refrigerator the perfect way to maintain the freshness and integrity of everything you put in it.

Wine Refrigerators

Designed for precise wine preservation, these refrigerators utilize our exclusive Wine Cave Technology to provide protection from wine's four biggest threats of vibration, light and variations in temperature and humidity.