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Freezer Columns

Precise temperature control is the formula for keeping your favorite homemade soups and ice creams fresh and free of ice crystals. The unsurpassed capacity offers the opportunity to make as much as you want.

SKSCF1801P FrontOpen

18-inch Integrated Column Freezer

Thoughtful engineering provides the largest capacity panel-ready column freezer and precise temperature control throughout.

SKSCF2401P Front Open

24-inch Integrated Column Freezer

Offering the largest capacity in its class, just like its 18-inch cousin, our 24-inch Integrated Column Freezer is even more of a good thing.

SKSCF3001P SKSCR3001P Right Side Open

30-inch Integrated Column Freezer

Our largest built-in column freezer yet offers even more than you’d expect–the largest capacity in its class thanks to some brilliant engineering.

SKS Country Refrigeration Lifestyle 31


As the love of good food grows, so grows the need for space. The SKS Integrated Column Freezers are brilliantly engineered to provide the largest capacity built-in freezer column in the industry.

SKS Country Freezer Feature Bins


The glass and engineered all-metal interior is not only beautiful, but designed to help the freezer stay within 1-degree of fluctuation of the set temperature by holding and transferring cold fast and efficiently.

SKSCF1801P IceBucket


The square ice shape gives an air of distinction while the removable clear bin holds up to 6 lbs., perfect for entertaining.